NEF-CCN is known through its three reputed colleges, namely LA College of Higher Studies (LACHS), Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) and Xavier Academy College of Graduate Studies (XACGS).

LACHS, which was registered as a separate entity from the LA School System on 19 May 2009 is located in LA Campus in Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal. LA Campus is spread over 12.718 hectares (31.43 acres) and has a student population of 6,820 with some 2,300 students enrolled in 11 post-Grade ten academic programs, including 7 different undergraduate programs of Tribhuvan and Kathmandu Universities. The total faculty and administrative strength is 795 with 445 faculty members and 350 administrative staff. The total built-up area is 55,740 sq. m. LACHS is an extension of LA School, established in 1981, LA College which started operating from 1997 and LA College of Management, which started operating from 1999. The total assets of LA campus is estimated at Rs 5 billion, which is approximately $50 million.

AITM, formerly known as WhiteHouse Education Network (WHEN) registered on 5 April 2001, has been conducting engineering, biotechnology, information technology, electronics and hotel management undergraduate programs as well as higher secondary programs under Himalyan WhiteHouse International College from 2006. Altogether, 8 different academic programs are currently being offered.

Of the 2 AIT 2-stage programs which have been discontinued, the 2-stage AIT MBA program is to be restarted soon.

The total faculty and administrative strength is 248 with 170 faculty members and 78 administrative staff. The total built-up area is 11,613 sq. m. WHEN was informally rebranded as AITM in February 2010, and was formally registered on 20 June 2012. AITM is spread over 0.81 hectares (2.01 acres) of land in Knowledge Village, Khumaltar Heights, Lalitput. AITM has a total student population of over 900. The total assets of AITM is Rs. 750 million, which is approximately $ 7.5 million.

XACGS, registered on 22 May 2009, is an extension of Xavier Academy, which started operating from 1997. XA campus is spread over 0.23 hectares (0.56 acres), located in Lazimpat, Kathmandu, one of the priciest localities in Kathmandu. Two academic programs are currently being offered in a total built-up area of 278.7 sq.m. The total faculty and administrative strength is 71 with 38 faculty members and 33 administrative staff. The student enrollment in XA campus is 504 students. The total assets of XA is approximately $3.5 million.

LACHS and XACGS bought 2/3rd of Kathmandu Don Bosco College (KDBC), which has been operational from 1998, in December 2014. Because of this ownership, KDBC can also be considered one of the colleges of NEF-CCN. KDBC offers BBA, MBA and EMBA courses. It is operating in XA premises. The total faculty and administrative strength is 23 with 15 faculty members and 8 administrative staff. The student enrollment at present is 128. The website of KDBC is http://kdbc.edu.np/).

Within Nepal, NEF-CCN consortium colleges are offering programs of Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University and Purbanchal University. AITM is also cooperating closely with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and the Institute of Engineering of Tribhuvan University to share knowledge and experience so that the collaborating institutions develop in tandem and contribute to the nation’s progress.

The strength of NEF-CCN resides in its 4 colleges, including KDBC, with about 1,504 undergraduate and graduate students in 15 diverse academic programs, and another 1,892 students, who are studying in 5 different programs in Grades 11 and 12. NEF-CCN colleges have a total feeder student population of almost five thousand students in LA School, as well as another 4 thousand students in other sister schools. With a combined assets of approximately NRs.6.11 billion, which works out to approximately USD 61.10 million (at today’s exchange rate) worth of land and buildings in three prime locations in Kathmandu and Lalitpur of Kathmandu Valley, as well as another NRs. 0.25 billion, which works out to USD 2.78 million of equipment and furniture, its many diverse academic programs (23 academic programs in total with 20 different programs at various levels), and resourceful and experienced faculty, and a total commitment to imparting quality education, NEF-CCN is continuously exploring opportunities to enter into strategic academic partnerships, to offer additional academic programs, which are both responsive to societal needs and of very high quality.

NEF-CCN and its colleges will always be committed to the promotion of quality education and academic excellence. This commitment to quality education is evident from the academic performance and reputation of two of the NEF-CCN colleges, LA College and Xavier Academy, which have been operating since 1997 under the umbrella of Nepal Education Foundation (NEF), and are now operating under the aegis of NEF-CCN, along with the recently acquired WHEN, which is being rebranded as AITM. NEF/NEF-CCN colleges have been imparting the highest quality of education and will continue to do so to ensure that the colleges are always centers of academic excellence. The Academic Council, comprising of reputed academicians, has already been constituted and has been operating, to specify the academic standards and to provide the necessary oversight mechanism. An independent “Quality Assurance and Monitoring & Evaluation Committee” answerable to the Board of Directors and Academic Council continuously monitor and evaluate the quality of programs and their delivery, including annual evaluation of all teaching faculty and staff. Quality of programs and their delivery will be central in whatever strategic directions are taken and whatever strategic partnerships are struck.